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    Holiday List
    Year 2020 HK Office China  Factory
    Jan01 Wed New Year Factory & HK Office Holiday x x
    Jan20-TBA Mon Chinese New Year Factory Holidays   x
    Jan20-Feb02 Mon Chinese New Year HK Office Holidays x  
    Apr04 Sat Ching Ming Festival Factory & HK Office Holiday x x
    Apr06 Mon The day following the Ching Ming Festival Factory Holiday   x
    Apr10 Fri Good Friday x  
    Apr11 Sat The day following Good Friday x  
    Apr13 Mon Easter Monday x  
    Apr30 Thu Birthday of the Buddha x  
    May01 Fri Labour Day Factory & HK Office Holiday x x
    May02 Sat The day following the Labour Day Factory Holiday   x
    Jun25 Thu Tuen Ng Festival x x
    Jul01 Wed Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day x  
    Oct01-Oct06 Thu National Day Factory Holidays   x
    Oct01 Thu National Day HK Office Holiday x  
    Oct02 Fri The day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival x  
    Oct26 Mon The day following Chung Yeung Festival x  
    Dec25 Fri Christmas Day x  
    Dec26 Sat The first weekday after Christmas Day x  
    Last updated on February 04, 2020